I am Pastor of Calvary Chapel East Anaheim located in Southern California.  I am married and have three sons. We began this ministry with 17 people in 1985 in our very small living room.  God has been blessing His Word since the day we began because “He exalts His Word even above His Name!” (Psalm 138:2)

I was employed as a police officer for two Orange County cities for about 10 years before I was called into full-time ministry. I loved the excitement of serving the Lord and my community in the field of law enforcement but now much more in the field of Grace Awakening!

Visit our church website at CC-EA.ORG and join us for one of our live webcasts of our services:

Wednesday 7 PM

Saturday      6 PM

Sunday        9 AM and 11 AM

Blessings In Him To You!   Pastor Bob Kopeny


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am blessed 2 have met u and Becky:) Both of u guys are very awesome! I like the way you explain the bible. Thank u:) Bob and Becky

  2. Dear Pastor Bob,
    I last stepped foot in a church (Calvary Chapel East Anaheim) in Spring 2004. Unfortunately I was in a terrible marriage and my husband loudly and sternly insisted each Sunday that my sons and I get up, get dressed and get in the car. I clearly remember each Sunday service when you would ask us to greet the person sitting next to us. It was such a painful experience for me, that I would make up an excuse so I wouldn’t go into the chapel until that was over. I was so sad all I could do was cry. You may remember me sending you an email after your sermon about lazy people who don’t work and contribute to the home. I was most distressed because my husband took that to mean that even though I helped run the family business, cared for our two sons (one is autistic), went to college, cleaned the house and made the meals, he and his mother thought I was lazy because I didn’t have a job that brought in a regular paycheck.
    We separated in October 2004, divorced and I have been recovering ever since. My oldest is a convicted felon (currently in jail) and my youngest is now in a nice assisted living arrangement with help from Regional Center, Dept of Rehab and other supports.
    After all of this time after the divorce, I met a man who came from a similar background and encouraged me to go back to church. He goes to a church with his siblings and is just now recovering from a difficult divorce.
    Thank you for teaching me to look to God for courage and hope when I had none.

    But God is good. I thought that my situation was hopeless but God opened a door when I thought there was none.

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