Cut It Out!


Now the LORD said to Moses, “Cut out for yourself two stone tablets like the former ones, and I will write on the tablets the words that were on the former tablets which you shattered. “So be ready by morning, and come up in the morning to Mount Sinai, and present yourself there to Me on the top of the mountain. Ex 34:1-2

Before you can “cut out” God’s Word to give to someone else, first realize you need to “cut it out” for yourself! God’s word is a mirror to examine ourselves not a periscope to check out others and criticize or critique the saints! Go to God’s Word in your devotional time, listen to God’s Word on the radio or at church always with an ear towards what God is saying to you alone. After you cut it out for yourself, you will discover God is ready for you to carry it out to others.

As Moses needed to make a place for God to inscribe His message to him. So we too need to make a place for God to speak to us. We must also “cut out” some time for God to receive God’s Word. God could easily have just given it all to Moses verbally. But God wanted Moses to have a more permanent record of His Word – written in stone! So we need to make an appropriate place/time for God to transmit His eternal Word to our lives. Whether it’s in your den after you wake up, your backyard after the kids get off to school or in your car in the parking lot before work, have a physical place to hear from the Lord. If you “cut out” the place God will fill the space with His glorious Word to you.

God tells Moses to be ready to receive His Word in the morning. God gave fresh bread for the day every morning. Those who went out to gather it had all they needed. Those who didn’t, didn’t! It’s a decision of faith to be ready and to come to receive from Him.

When Moses came to receive God’s Word it was also to present himself to the Lord. It’s not merely about catching new insights from the Bible or fulfilling some religious duty to read scripture daily. It’s about being with Jesus, the Living Word personally! It’s an act of worship (“present yourself” see Rom 12:1-3).

Today “Cut Out” a place and a time to be with the Lord and hear from the Lord through His Word. Present yourself to Him in humble surrender and personal worship and see what God will do today! Mana up!


2 thoughts on “Cut It Out!

  1. “Before you can “cut out” God’s Word to give to someone else, first realize you need to “cut it out” for yourself!” … I am always amazed (well, not really, I know why) at how much of what you (and others) preach, feels as though you know everything about me and that you are speaking directly to me and me alone… when I share, I am sharing because it has spoken to me first… I would say that more than 90% of everything I share, is first personal to me. Thankful for your teaching, especially because it opens my eyes to how little I actually know… may I never think I know more than I do. Humbled.

  2. Thank you , Bob! This was very insightful and an eye opener! I believe when we get in touch with God early in the morning it equips and prepares us for the day ahead when our minds are still fresh and clean from all that we accumulate throughout the day such as the anger wen someone cut us off when we are running late, the gossip we pick up as we enter the workplace, the lack of patience we develop when work is challenging, etc.
    The Lord when us to place His Word right thee, deep inside us, so we will have no room for the negative things of the world that tramples us and cause us to sin. Thank you.

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