2 thoughts on “True Love On Display

  1. That’s so true. Things aren’t always we the way we perceive them. It’s so easy to rush to judgement. If we only knew the reason behind why people do the so-called dumb things they do sometimes we might have more compassion and empathy on them. We just never know where they’ve been or what they’re going through. I’m so thankful the LORD always knows why I do the dumb things I do sometimes. I’m glad HE knows my heart even when I have a hard time expressing it in the right way. If we could only see others the way HE sees them. That’s my prayer.

  2. Miss u guys so much. Struggling spiritually big time.. but always feel at home. Yea all the way from Az….when I watch on line. Pray for me…..I so need to get back home to California.
    Margi Harmon

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