God’s Will Or Your Will?


As a young Christian I heard the truth that God’s ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts. I remember being told that I was not to lean on my own understanding if I was to discover God’s direction for my life. While those truths are from scripture, it tended to make me feel that the only sure way to know God’s will for my life was to look at my own will and then cross that off my list completely!

I started to picture God as using my desires as a corrective tool. I jokingly saw a young person aspiring to enter a particular profession (for me it was law enforcement)  and seeing God in heaven saying “Well, I see you want to be a policeman, so I decided you should be a garbage collector!” Satan always loves to take God’s Word and incorrectly interpret or apply it so as to pervert who God is. Isn’t that precisely what he did in the garden?

The truth of the matter is the Bible teaches quite a bit more on this subject that is quite encouraging. For instance, listen to Psalm 20:4-5 “May He grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your counsel! We will sing for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.” Did you get that first and Last phrase? If all of your desires and prayers were merely evidences of what God doesn’t want for your life these words would make no sense at all!

The truth is that God plants desires and thoughts into the heart of His children that He intends to grow to deep longings and desires in order for us to desire what He plans to fulfill. Let’s look at a couple of examples of this in the Bible:

First there is Joseph. God gave Joseph dreams of being a great ruler before whom everything and everyone would bow down (including his family!). We later discover God would fulfill these dreams literally, many years later. Then, there is David. He was anointed to be king as a young boy.That was a thought, an idea, an aspiration that God created in David, not David independent from God.

In Psalm 37, David later states this profound truth, which he had personally discovered:

“Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give thee the desires of thine heart” Ps. 37:4

This is as much a personal testimony as it is a wonderful principle. The word “delight” (Hebrew: “anag”) literally means to be “soft or pliable”. In other words, if you will delight in the Lord and make your heart soft and yielded to Him, then God will impress upon your heart His own desires, dreams and yearnings. Paul writes “For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” Php 2:13

As a young man in seminary I wanted to go into ministry with a man God had particularly used in my life personally. He had been the youth pastor at my church. However, he had left that church and moved hundreds of miles away to pastor his own church. I really felt the Lord had put this on my heart and so I approached him to see if he would be open to leaving his church and join me in church planting around the country. He was open but the Lord never brought it to pass. I was disappointed.

Years later, after God called me to plant a church in Southern California, my pastor friend was led to become a missionary in Ethipoia. That’s the other side of the world I thought! However, he needed financial support and our little fellowship was able to help him and his wife serve there for ten years. When his health prevented him from staying on the field, he returned to the U.S. and guess what happened? He came on staff at our church! We have pastored together now for over eight years! God has amazing ways of planting desires that he intends to fulfill in his time!  

If you love the Lord and have deep desires, especially to be used by Him, then trust that you will discover in time that He has been at work all along!


3 thoughts on “God’s Will Or Your Will?

  1. Wow, God just keeps on blessing us, me especially with a Pastor who gives us insight and wisdom, just as and when I need it most! I count it all a joy. 😃 Thanks! Sheri

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  2. Thanks Pastor Bob. I knew exactly when the Lord wanted me to be a writer because, even at 16 years old, I felt God next to me, encouraging me to write poetry for His glory, then teachers encouraged me to write articles and I knew that was from the Lord…..now, years later, God brought an incredible man, Terry Caffey, into my life, over two years ago, with a miraculous story…a Job story of faith and miracles…about forgiveness. Now, my screenplay about his story is finished and we are praying that God will open big doors for “His Glory,” that others may come to know Jesus and have eternal life. Thank you God, for helping me to persevere even when some people were telling me to quit……to get a “real job.” But, doing God’s work is my real job. It has been an act of courage and love, but I know God will give me the desires of my heart.

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