Ask The Right Question!

When everyone around is asking “Why?” Make sure you are asking “Who?

When they say “Why did God allow such a terrible tragedy in Boston? 

Say “Lord Who do you want me to pray for today, to hold on to you for healing and hope?

When they say “Why is there so much evil in this world?”

You say “Who do you want me to tell that you have overcome sin and death?”

When they say “Why do you still believe, when things like this happen?”

Remind them God says “Who-so ever will call on The Lord will be saved!”

It’s time to decide where your focus is going to be:

On what you don’t understand or on what you know hasn’t and will never change?

“In the year King Uzziah died, I saw The Lord, high and lifted up…” (Isaiah 6:1)

Uzziah, one of the greatest, godly kings of Israel who reigned for 52 years and brought peace and strength to the nation had just died. The questions on everyone’s mind were no doubt “Why?” And “What now?”

However, Isaiah’s focus wasn’t on the vacant throne of Israel in that time of great uncertainty. It was instead focused on the greater throne of God that was still very much occupied in heaven! 

So to let your gaze rise above what you don’t understand to see the One who stands ready to remind you He is still governing, He is still good and He is still in charge of His world!


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  1. Thanks Pastor Bob, seems like when ever I come home from a real work with the Lord, I get attack from the evil one.. can’t wait until we are all with the Lord Jesus.. Agape, Josie

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  2. We could say “in the year (insert problem), I saw the Lord high and lifted up” as Isaiah did and take our focus off of what’s happening in our lives and put it on the One who allows all things to happen for His glory. God help me to see You always in the midst of my troubles. What a beautiful understanding of what Isaiah saw. <

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