“What Does It Mean When They Say…”

bob passport

“How Do You Walk in the Spirit?” 

“How do you just ‘Give it to God?'”

Walking in the Spirit refers to living in dependence upon the leading and directing of the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches us that every true believer has the Holy Spirit indwelling them from the moment of salvation. The Spirit of God regenerates, seals, and sanctifies the child of God. In addition, He leads the child of God in the ways that God wants His child to go. So simply put, to “walking in the Spirit” means to live sensitive and submissive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

A technology that has been around for a while now serves to illustrate what this means. It is called “Dynamic Positioning”. It is used on deep sea platforms that must stay in a set location in order to do drilling but are only kept in place by constant correction made by thrusters on the sides of the platforms. By means of computers they are constantly checking their exact location by GPS and then making very minor adjustments to keep themselves right where they are supposed to be.

So the Spirit-filled child of God will be listening for and responding to God’s Holy Spirit all through the day! So as Paul says, “If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit” (Gal 5:25). In other words, since the Spirit has given us God’s Life, let is learn to trust the same Spirit moment by moment in this life!

Sometimes people will say “Just give it all to God” or “Just Let Go, Let God!” but what does that mean and how do you actually do it?

This speaks of dedicating some circumstance, decision or issue in your life to the Lord and then truly believing that He is in charge and going to do what is best for you. It is a popular way of saying “Really trust God about this matter and stop striving to make things turn out the way you prefer.”

If a child should fear a commercial airplane might crash and was allowed to enter the cockpit. The child might ask to help “steer the plane” out of his insecurity. Perhaps a pilot knowing the plane was being controlled by the plane’s computer might even allow the child to sit in his lap and put his hands on the controls. The child might even fear that the plane was changing course and think he was in real danger. The child’s attempts to “steer” the plane at that point are of no consequence and doing nothing to help the plane stay on a safe course. The plane is being controlled beyond the child’s awareness and above the child’s comprehension.

In the same way, “Giving it to God” means truly accepting that God is in control and then choosing to rest in His ability to keep His promise to work all things out for our good and His glory.

3 thoughts on ““What Does It Mean When They Say…”

  1. Pastor Bob,

    I really enjoy these posts from you. I also want to say thank you for the wonderful service we had for Dennis. 

    Pastor Maury was a real blessing, and Linda Blay and the women who worked with her were wonderful.

    I couldn’t have asked for more.    In His Love,


    >________________________________ > From: Pastor Bob Kopeny >To: dianekdamore@yahoo.com >Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 3:25 PM >Subject: [New post] “What Does It Mean When They Say…” > > > WordPress.com >Pastor Bob Kopeny posted: ” “How Do You Walk in the Spirit?”  “How do you just ‘Give it to God?'” Walking in the Spirit refers to living in dependence upon the leading and directing of the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches us that every true believer has the Holy Spirit indwe” >

  2. Thank you for shining light on these questions. I will find it easier to keep checking in with the Holy Spirit after reading about the dynamic positioning. I’m a visual learner and it is so much easier for me to learn a lesson when I can see why it works. Again, the visual works as I continually give my prodigal to the LORD but don’t give the worry and fear to Him. Seeing the child (me) trying to man the controls when they are already on Holy Spirit controlled computer is an effective reminder. You’ve touched my heart today.

  3. I believe this to be true but still difficult to practice. Our youngest son is floundering in life and my pessimistic attitude sees no fruits that he is saved and no progress in life. Thank you Pastor Bob for this word.

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