It’s Not Simply Right or Left

So much of the debate in the public forum right now is between the two candidates running for our nation’s highest office. The nation is divided along party lines and that fairly evenly.

Some are questioning “Should a Christian vote for a Mormon?”. While others are wondering “Can I vote for a democrat?” Some no doubt are saying “I don’t like either candidate so I won’t vote at all”.

May I suggest that in our great nation each of us is free to vote our values and that this privilege should be seen as so sacred that not voting should not even be considered as a God-honoring option! Many died to give us this freedom and to not value it and use it is to demean their very sacrifice.

Yet, half of evangelical Christians are not even registered to vote and of those who are registered, half will choose not to vote in any given election! Are you registered to vote? Will you promise to vote in the upcoming election?

Jesus spoke of a man who was given but one talent by his master. Instead of employing the little he was given, the man buried it. He was judged for not using what his master intended to be used by him for his master’s sake.

If we think about our right to vote as a treasure entrusted to us like that talent, it seems pretty clear the Lord will hold us accountable for what we did with what He gave to us!

Right or Wrong

The issues of where you stand on the sanctity of life is not a matter of are you Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, leaning to the right or to the left. God has made it clear that He is the author of life. Life in the womb is considered a human being from the point of conception. For instance, David said “In sin my mother conceived me” (Psalm 51:5) Have you ever pondered the import of that text? It means from the point of conception David had culpability before a holy God for sin. Sin is characteristic of personhood, nothing less!

Marriage is created by God according to the Bible. Jesus makes it clear that God made man male and female and joined them together in marriage.
We should seek to defend marriage not redefine it.

We may disagree about foreign affairs and financial policies, how to create more jobs and who would do a better job in the White House, but we should be clear where we stand on issues that divide this nation but are decidedly clear in Scripture.

I cast a vote for voting our values and voting our conscience before a God who tries the heart and sees in secret (including in the booth.)


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