Where The Wise Bring Their “Whys”

When Rachel had a difficult pregnancy she went to inquire of the Lord.

When Job lost his children he worshiped his God.

When the broken disciples of John The Baptist buried their master’s body we are told simply “they buried him and then went and told Jesus.” Nothing more.

This last Wednesday a family of our fellowship had two children swept away in a Yosemite River.

What do we do with that?

There is a question near to heart 

When a child has to die

We’re afraid to ask but we know we must

“O God, please tell us, Why?

They were so young and innocent
Their loss just makes us cry
I’ve searched my mind for answers
“O God please tell me, Why?”

I said “It seems unfair!”
“Too short and few their days.”
God says “My thoughts are not your thoughts.”
“My ways are not your ways.”

“I know your loss, I felt it too,
A Son of mine once died.
Today my heart shares all your grief
And for your tears I’ve cried.”

“Just trust me here and now my child
Don’t think my ways so odd
Permit these now to come to me
For of such is the kingdom of God.”

Tears of sorrow silent now
Releasing all our grief
God’s Spirit touching deep within
Brings anxious thoughts relief.

Don’t say “They’re gone forever”
As through death’s waters dived
For indeed, they’ve not departed…
Quite rather, Just arrived!

“Bring your “Whys” to the Only wise God. Then realize the only answer you really need is His glorious promises and presence.


8 thoughts on “Where The Wise Bring Their “Whys”

  1. My heart is broken for this loss in our family. The most powerful thing to do is to pray. Not the last resort, the first. May His presence surround and envelope you, yours and my family. I love all of you and miss you. In His love and with a heavy heart-Always, Andrea Carman

  2. God is our refuge and strength, a very PRESENT help in trouble. Psalm 46:1. Thank you, for letting God use you!!!

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  3. Thank you Pastor Bob for putting words to the helplessness I felt when I heard the news. Praying for the Adams family, Praying for you as you minister the family – We love you Bob – Anthony Eve and Brianna

  4. DEAR Pastor Bob. Your comments re the Adams family were all so appropriate. Thank you. We pray for you and the Adams. They have a tough row to hoe. May God surround them with His peace that passes all understanding. Jack/Danah

  5. Pastor Bob, that is an awesome poem and truth. I passed it on to my kids and people who have lost children. God has gifted you in many ways. Thanks for sharing with your sheep.

  6. The death of children is painful to hear about…utterly overwhelming to those who the love them. I hurt so deeply I cried for the family and for all those from our body that had to deal with this intimately. I, too, thank you Pastor Bob for this awesome poem that reminds us that we just weren’t created to know everything in this life. Thankfully we have a God who does. And may we all lift you up in prayer as well Pastor Bob, because the shepherd bears the pain of his whole flock…and often it is pain that he is not free to reveal. <

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