3 thoughts on “Will You Let God Be God

  1. Thank you for your message today, Pastor Bob. So often we try to do things on our own, when God is just right there, waiting to help us, guide us, strengthen us in whatever we need to do or in whatever we might need. I had the opportunity this week to talk to my daughter about this very message one morning, after spending the night at her place. “God really loves you,” I told her. “He’s always there for you. Just trust Him.” We were going out for breakfast, and, at that moment, my daughter couldn’t find her keys as she scoured her purse. “Where are my keys?” she asked, starting to get worried. Instantly, God laid His words on my heart. “Maybe you left them in your front door.” My daughter lives in a very busy apartment building in Hollywood. Well, she opened her door and there were her keys! God had kept them safe for her all night long, even though people were coming and going in and out of her apartment building! She smiled. I smiled. God is good, all the time…..

  2. I was just talking to my daughter in Cambodia who is a missionary there when I received this. I will send it to her. Joanie Haefner CCCM

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