A Shepherd’s Christmas

As I sit before my computer I am made aware that I am here yet again…

It is time to celebrate the birth of my Savior and I feel a bit like the Surprise Party that I attended last week:

Blessed to be here and  thankful I was even invited!

I think of those shepherds who had no idea when they went to work that night of the life- changing event that was about to happen. I think back to the night I had been invited to my friend’s church Junior High School retreat in the mountains. I had no idea that what would happen that night would be something I would come to think about and thank God for every day of my life.

That was the night, like those humble sheep watchers, I found out that heaven wanted me to meet Jesus. I too discovered that He had been born for me. I too was given very practical directions as to how I could personally find Him.

I didn’t have to go into a nearby town. All I needed was to open my heart.

I didn’t need to find his family. They were the ones giving me directions.

I didn’t have to make some great promise. I simply needed to believe what I was told.

Yet just like those first recipients of the “Good News”, I too responded to the divine revelation God brought to me.

The shepherds got angels. I got Jess Maples and Gene Shafer.

The shepherds got their story put in the Bible. I got my name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

The shepherds told others they met about what had happened to them.

I pray the same will be able to be said of me.

I believe my Savior still turns lost sheep and lost men into shepherds with a story to tell!

Merry Christmas!




4 thoughts on “A Shepherd’s Christmas

  1. As I read this, I remembered the adorable children dressed as shepherds and singing at church on Wednesday night. How precious it must be to God each time one of His children opens his heart to Jesus! Christmas is such a perfect time to worship our King!

  2. In a world with the birth of Jesus not being celebrated in a secular mainstream, it is such a great reminder to ponder in my heart His coming into my life. I pray I can speak boldly for my King this Christmas.

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