Give Thee More Of Me

There is a wonderful song that says:

I come to Thee
On bended knee
With just one plea,
Give me more of Thee!

As I was pondering that prayer song I realized my great need isn’t so much for the Lord to give me more of Himself but rather for me to give Him more of myself! After all, God has already given me Jesus and Jesus is the “fulness of the Godhead” and “In Him” I am complete (Col 2:10) because in Christ, is “every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies.” (Eph 1:3). No, my heart’s prayer is “Give Thee more of Me”.

I want to Pray more.
I want to pray more with people and for people. I find that in prayer God unlocks both His presence and His power. The old Quaker Oats commercial showed the Quaker man on the oatmeal box come to life and declare “Nothing is better for thee than me!” I declare that to be true of my God! David is so right “In His presence is fullness of joy!”
I have experienced the miraculous when I have been consumed with seeking God’s face and interceding for others. May it increase Lord!

I want to Share Christ more.
I am never as fulfilled as when I have the joy of telling others about my wonderful Savior. I know my greatest treasure in heaven will the privilege God gave me to share Christ with someone else in this dark world. Robert Louis Stevenson (for whom I was named after by my parents) was asked by his nanny when he was a little boy “What do you wish to be when you are grown?” Little Robert looked out the window and saw the lamplighter lighting the street lights. He instantly said “I want to be the one who cuts holes in the darkness!” Me too!

I want to Love more.
I want to care like Jesus and give like Jesus. He was touched by everyone’s hurt and gave of Himself so completely. He became poor so we might be made rich. When he died the only worldly possession he had was gambled away by the soldiers. With the Psalmist I declare “Whom have I in heaven but thee and besides thee I desire nothing on the Earth!”

O Lord Give Thee More of Me!


6 thoughts on “Give Thee More Of Me

  1. Thank you My Pastor. I love the idea of this blog, it truly helps to stoke the fire and keep the flames burning. like the lump of coal that rolls away from the pile and cools off, this is a definite help to lift my spirit. Thanks again, I look forward to reading, meditating and joining in some more.

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